Product Feeds

Convert your traffic at ahigher rate with FlexOffers' product feeds

Get access to over 650M+ products with a single feed format delivered to you via FTP or API, with a wide product selection of over 6,000+stores.

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One Integration

Integrate a single feed and unlock access to over 650M+ products.

Multiple Stores

We aggregate feeds from advertisers across multiple networks into a single feed.

Endless Possibilities

Unlock new revenue streams using product data feeds.


Go beyond text links and banners. With our aggregated product data you can integrate one single-feed format that will grant you access to over 650M+ productsacross6,000+ stores in different countries. We can help you create a better shopping experience for your audience with our product data feeds.

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Daily Updates

Always have up-to-date product pricing and product availability.

Product feeds are updated daily to ensure that pricing and inventory are always up to date.

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No need to do multiple integrations with a single feed.

Gain entry to over 7,000+ product catalogs from stores spanning various categories, countries, and currencies.

Ease of Use

Obtain full documentation for intuitive integration.

Subscribe to feeds to gain access to product catalogs via FTP or simply use our API to query specific products. Our product feed delivery methods are design to accomodate your unique needs.

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