TheReading Eggs affiliate program permits your audience members to gain access to, the online portal for one of the leading reading comprehension and phonics programs for children. Used by over a million kids worldwide, this award-winning program can help those as young as three years old attain reading success.

This affiliate program is optimally marketed to families and educators searching for a fun way to help grade school children better grasp the concepts of reading needed for a successful life.

Reading Eggs Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Courses – Earn commissions when a customer completes a purchase with a credit card on
Colorful Marketing Material – Highlighting the educational advantages of reading practice
Engaging Environment – Programs contain animations, songs, puzzles, and stories

How Can This Benefit You?
Very simply, reading is an essential skill for those wishing to lead a successful life. The Reading Eggs affiliate program gives parents a great way to help their children expand their reading skills by presenting them with a program that is educational yet fun enough to keep them coming back for more lessons. The longer the subscription purchased, the better the value, and the greater the chance for a child’s reading level to skyrocket!

Offline Aid
In addition to the online programs through which kids can make strides towards a strong reading level, Reading Eggs also has a number of tangible components that can be purchased. Books, activity books, flash cards, and more items to reinforce the lessons learned can be purchased.

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