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Endorsing the LEGO Canada affiliate program on your website directs your traffic to, where they can browse and purchase thousands of building toy sets. Founded on the motto that ‘Only the best is good enough,’ the iconic retailer strives to produce only the highest quality products to satisfy their eclectic consumers.

This program is ideally suited for parents with young children, as well as toy collectors.

LEGO Canada Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Toys – Earn commissions on every sale through
Discounted Ads – Promotional banners feature the company’s familiar logo and price markdowns
Never-Ending Fun – A LEGO playbook provides over 500 tips to keep children stimulated and bring the toys to life

How Can You Benefit From This?

LEGO’s involvement with some of the most famous proprietary franchises of all time has helped drive sales to reach a whole other atmosphere. Whether it’s Star Wars, Ghostbusters, or LEGO Batman, the toy company’s vast array of iconic movie and superhero pieces helps expand its customer base beyond just children. With such a diverse collection of building blocks including space, travel, and animal themes – there is no shortage of options for committed buyers to keep enhancing their assortment.

Helping Hands
While losing a tiny piece of a toy set can be rather easy, LEGO’s missing parts section makes it simple for customers to purchase individual pieces to complete the sets. Thousands of LEGO instruction books are also available online to assist children and adults in crafting their perfect LEGO community.

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