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The FlightPath affiliate program connects your site visitors to getflightpath.io, an online merchant for one of the world’s most advanced golf tees. The FlightPath tee will instantly add a few yards to your patrons’ drive, help them hit straighter, and increase their overall confidence in the field.

This program is geared toward golfers of all experience levels in search of a golf tee that will increase their accuracy and distance.

FlightPath Affiliate Program Benefits:

  • Commissionable Golf Tees –Earncommissionpersale at getflightpath.io
  • Made in America – FlightPath proudly manufactures and operates in Cocoa, FL
  • Fast Shipping Services – Qualifying purchases can obtain free, fast shipping services

How Can You Benefit from This?

Golf Tees are great tools for elevation and support for the golf ball. Through the FlightPath affiliate program, your patrons can purchase a tournament-legal tee with a revolutionary design that will elevate their game. FlightPath is on a mission to help golfers everywhere improve their accuracy and reach new distances. The FlightPath features a frictional diamond design that helps eliminate all friction between the ball and the tee for a smoother, more consistent flight path every time. It also uses an angled launch platform that creates a ramp-like effect to reduce backspins on the golfer’s drives.

Quality Promise

Customer satisfaction is FlightPath’s top priority. FlightPath is committed to providing customers with the highest quality products by controlling every step of the manufacturing process to ensure a safe and valuable product.

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