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TheEJ Gift Cards – Buy Gift Cards Affiliate Program gives your users access to egiftcards.com, a platform to sell and purchase gift cards. EJ Gift Cards is a marketplace where customers can either sell their gift cards or store credit from almost every major retailer across the country or buy gift cards from renowned stores at discounted prices.

This program can be marketed to patrons looking to purchase discounted gift cards or turn their unused gift cards into cash.

EJ Gift Cards – Buy Gift Cards Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Gift Cards – Earn commissionpersale at egiftcards.com
Eye-CatchingBannerCreatives – Banners showcase major retailers that patrons can purchase discounted gift cards from on ejgiftcards.com
Money Back Guarantee – EJ Gift Cards is committed to offering excellent experiences to all users by offering a comprehensive, money back guarantee on all gift card purchases

How Can This Benefit You?
Gift cards can be a hit or miss as a present. When one receives a gift card to a restaurant or store they don’t frequent, their gift cards might be left to expire in the back of their wallets. With EJ Gift Cards, there’s no need to let unwanted gift cards go to waste. Ejgiftcards.com is an online platform that allows customers to turn their unwanted or unused gift cards or store credits into cash. In turn, users can purchase unwanted gift cards for up to 35% off. Site visitors will find gift cards to their favorite retailers, such as Starbucks, Home Depot, AMC Theatres, and more.

Accredited Business
Ej Gift Cards is highly rated by the BBB, making them a service that users can trust. They are the #1 choice for buying gift cards online.

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