Through the Dodow affiliate program, your patrons will discover a natural remedy for sleepless nights. Insomniacs around the world have found a restful night’s sleep with the Dodow device.

This program could be marketed to anyone who struggles to fall asleep or simply wants to add guided relaxation to their bedtime routine.

Dodow Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Sleep Aid – Earn commission per action at
No Side Effects – Dodow is a 100% natural sleep aid backed by science
No Monthly Fees – Users only need to make a one-time purchase for the Dodow device to enjoy a lifetime of deep, restorative sleep

How Can You Benefit from This?
Dodow is helping customers around the world banish nighttime scaries and make bedtime a time for relaxation and restorative sleep. The Dodow is a metronome-light scientifically designed to combat overactive thoughts and quickly lull users into a deep sleep. Dodow combines yoga, meditation, and behavioral therapy for an effective combination that helps those who struggle to fall asleep drift off easily. This device works by omitting a mesmerizing light to quiet busy minds and guided breathing that will help them achieve deeper sleep.

Easy to Use
Users can activate their Dodow and adjust the brightness by the touch-sensitive surface. With no cords to lug around, Dodow is perfect for travel so that users can sleep soundly anywhere and fight jet lag.

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